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Christine, a local mom of three from , is the perfect example of a smart consumer using the web to get quality products without breaking the bank. Overwhelmed by her hectic life, she had given up on spending time on herself and her needs.

Determined to make a change for the better, she recently discovered a clever way of combining two low cost beauty product trials to get the job done. The products from Allu & Purasilk , two of the most respected names in anti-aging science, have helped her unlock the secrets of anti-aging. Matter of fact, Purasilk was just approved to be distributed WITHOUT a prescription.

The age defying results speak for themselves and are comparable to what you might get at high end Health Spas and Doctor's offices for $2000 or more – all while using nothing but trial offers from the most respected skin care companies.

Wanting to help others, Christine decided to share her story with us by writing in (see below). This trick has not only removed her wrinkles, but also tightened her neck and face instantly. The results have been life changing. And since many of us would do anything to get rid of some of the "mileage" on our skin, we're featuring the secret behind her "low cost wrinkle killer".

The Shocking Cost of Cosmetic Doctors

Like most moms making ends meet with an average salary, there isn't much extra cash to try every celebrity endorsed anti-aging miracle cream out there – let alone splurge on expensive medical procedures. At one time she did considered taking out loans for Botox injections and even gave some serious thought to getting a face lift.

But, after reading some of the horror stories (and finding out health insurance doesn't cover them), she quickly went looking for better alternatives. What became most important was to find a safe and affordable solution that would give spectacular results but not put her into deep debt.

Though we receive countless submissions from readers everywhere, Christine's incredible results were simply too impressive to keep hidden. Especially when we know there are thousands of others who could use an "anti-aging time machine" of their own.

Christine's Letter:

"I have to admit I do tend to jump on the bandwagon and I have tried countless skin anti-aging/wrinkle creams such as Oil of Olay, Neutrogena and many more to help me look young again. Unfortunately, the results were never as good as I wanted them to be. Until, one day after watching the news and doing some careful research, I stumbled upon a way to make my wrinkles go away by using two very powerful products: Allu & Purasilk."

Christine's skin care problems began in her thirties and were a result of harmful UVA & UVB exposure from years of exposure to indirect sunlight and time spent tanning. As science has shown, this is the main cause of premature aging, skin damage and wrinkles.

Things got worse after she got a job as a waitress. Have to work long shifts late at night, she became dependent on coffee and cigarettes to stay on top of things. Christine started developing dark circles around her eyes which also became baggy with time. After she gave birth to her children, she constantly thought that she looked much older than she felt. Before she knew it, the kids were in high school and she seemed to look more aged each and every morning when she looked in the mirror.

Every month more and more lines and wrinkles appeared on her face. Gravity seemed to be pulling her chin downward and wouldn't let go. Even her mom became concerned and told Christine she looked extremely tired and worn out. That was the moment Christine realized it was time to stop wasting her time and money with useless products from the local drug store and do something about it.

To make matters even worse, being worn out all the time and looking tired had her worrying about her job. "The recession has really made me nervous about job security. After reading a story on Fox News about how older looking people were 50% less like to be hired, I really had to do something, and fast".

Like many people wanting to look younger, her first thoughts were about Botox and or even a face lift to deliver the results that she was desperate to find. Looking back on it now, she's glad that she didn't continue down that path. "Who in their right mind wants to inject themselves with chemicals or go under the knife just to look a few years younger?", Christine comments.

The Solution: A Low Cost Dynamic Duo

Luckily a longtime friend talked Christine out of plastic surgery and told her about a skin rejuvenation story she had seen on the news. The story focused on the sensational skin firming effects of Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, the active ingredient in Allu.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 had been featured in numerous publications which gave further credibility to what was reported on television. Naturally, Christine started her own research for products which used Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 as a main ingredient.

In that research, she discovered celebrities had been using Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 and Purasilk for years to stay and look young. A prominent celebrity skin care doctor also revealed that most of her clients used a combination of wrinkle products since many formulas simply aren't strong enough. The most popular combination to date was using both Allu and Purasilk. The secret behind the success is a combination of Acetyl Hexapeptide-3, powerful antioxidants, vitamins, moisturizers and collagen support compounds.

Working together, these two products achieve amazing results. While Allu rejuvenated the skin with collagen production, the additional ingredients in Purasilk would erase damage from the inside out. There are no antioxidants more powerful than the those found in Allu. Antioxidants are essential to help us neutralize free radicals which destroy the support structures of the skin. This causes the skin to sag and crease in the form of wrinkles.

After a few days of extensive research and comparing product features, prices, and reviews of popular products on the internet and magazines, Christine had finally managed to find the winning combination: Allu (which had been featured on the initial newscast) and Purasilk (who she later found out had just shipped their millionth jar!).

She began to look for the products in retail stores but couldn't find them anywhere. Turns out that these products were only available online (one of the reasons that they've been kept secret for so long and Purasilk is only NOW available without a prescription). After searching on Google, Christine not only tracked them down but also uncovered links to try both Allu and Purasilk for only the cost of shipping.

Great Results from a TRIAL and NO surgery? Seeing Is Believing

"Based on my research, I knew Allu and Purasilk would deliver incredible results, and the fact that I got them for such a low, low price was the icing on top. I never would have thought that something that was this easy on the wallet could ever yield a better result than even the most expensive anti-aging solutions. During my research I read about numerous success stories, that I just had to try it. I was even more excited that I didn't need a prescription anymore for Purasilk and pay high dermatologist's prices."

Why are they offering these low cost trials? We wanted to know too. Turns out it's because they stand behind their products and want people to try it first and see the results for themselves! The companies who manufacture these products are so confident that people will see visible results within a few weeks, they know the trial results will keep their customers coming back again and again.

Christine started to notice several changes within weeks. The "After" photo below on the right was taken around the third week after she started using Allu and Purasilk regularly. She used both Allu and on Allu only once a day in the morning.

Her wrinkles are smoothed out, her eye lines are gone and her skin glows. Her skin continues to become more and more firm. In addition to her renewed radiant skin, Christine experienced a significant increase in energy due to the antioxidant benefits of Acetyl Hexapeptide-3.

Now with her younger looking, radiant skin, Christine has more confidence than ever and people definitely say she looks much younger and has a youthful energy.

Seeing how much it had changed her daughter's life, Christine's mom began her own regimen shortly after she ordered the products for herself.

How To Get Your Hands On This Low Cost Wrinkle Killer

Like us, here at ConsumerWeeklyTips, you might be a little doubtful about the effects of this anti-aging secret but you need to find out for yourself. If you follow the program, the results will be undeniable. After wiping away the years from your own appearance, please comment below and tell us about your success with the products.

Follow the links to the trials* provided by the manufacturers of Allu and Purasilk and know that you are getting quality products that work at a price that won't break the bank. Remember, the best results are from using both products together. We aren't as confident that you will see results like those above if you only use one. Besides, with the discounted shipping costs you'll be on your way to looking and feeling younger for under $6 for BOTH product samples!

But hurry! Our report has generated a lot of buzz and these trials* products won't be available forever!

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-Cherre S. Nuevo, Ca.

I've tried a lot of wrinkle reducers - they work for about 2 hours, then wrinkles are back again, but with Purasilk used in conjunction with Allu I get wrinkle-free skin for up to 8 hours. That gets me through the work day wrinkle free, then if I go out at night I just reapply and voila! Wrinkles gone for 8 more hours! Wow, now that's very doable for me! I'm glad I didn't give up on trying to find the perfect product for my face cause here it is, finally, Purasilk really works for me!

- Meryl H. Boerne, Tx.

I've been using the Purasilk for about two months and can see definite changes around my eye area. Fine lines have disappeared and deeper lines seem diminished. Also, puffiness under my eyes has improved as well. I feel this product has shown better results than anything else I've tried. I plan to continue to use the product since the longer I use it, the better the results.

-Linda L. Oakland, MD.

My upper lip had deep lines that bothered me so much. After using Purasilk I have noticed a lot less lines. I feel so much better about myself. Thanks Purasilk...great product!

-Elizabeth H. London, UK

Tried it today. It feels as if it glues-out the wrinkles. It feels tight. Think its going do its job.=) I cant believe it got rid of my heavy bags under my eyes wow! That's amazing! My friend wants it now, so I've ordered it for her.

-Paula H. London, UK

I ordered a Purasilk trial for $1.25 and its brilliant!

-Tiffany G. Conroe, Tx.

Using it with the combination of Allu and really love it...Thank you so much.

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